The Terminal Heads

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The Terminal Heads were formed in the late 80s in Gravesend, Kent. 

Current line up: 
Mick – Vox, John – Guitar, Geoff – Drums, Tim – Bass 
(Past members: Gonk – Bass, Simon – Drums) 

Terminal Heads were formed in the late 80’s with Mick on vocals, John on guitar, Geoff on drums and Gonk on Bass. They played their first gig under the name The Satsumo Wrestlers at the Red Lion in Gravesend. After more gigging and a name change to The Plastic Thingies they finally settled on the Terminals Heads moniker. 

Geoff left around this time and Simon joined the band as their ‘hippy’ drummer. It was this line up that recorded the ‘Smalltalk’ cassette in September 1990 which included live favourite ‘Top Of The Pops’. By this time the band were playing around South London regularly. 

Simon soon left the band and Geoff came back in on drums, and in 1994 the band recorded the ‘B.Y.C.’ cassette which included the inimitable ‘B.Y.C’ that was to become a firm live favourite and remains so to this day. 

This was followed up in 1995 by the ‘Sick’ cassette. At this point the band were still playing regularly around London and were also travelling further afield doing gigs in cities such as Leeds and Dublin. 

In September 1996, the band recorded their last and probably best cassette ‘Slice’, with tracks such as ‘Yourself’, ‘Fly’ and ‘Walking On The Ceiling’ still being mainstays of their live performances today. The band continued to play regularly, but finally drifted apart in the late 90s. 

In the interim guitarist John’s avid following of Canadian band nomeansno resulted in an offer to support nomeansno offshoot band The Hanson Brothers in November 2008. Terminal Heads played three dates with them in London (at the Underworld), Brighton and Derby. The band continued to play sporadically and in 2011 began to write new material again such a ‘Drone’ and ‘Joker’. 

In October 2012 John’s friendship with nomeansno yielded a further support slot, this time with the band themselves, again at the London Underworld. 

After a gig in January 2014 Gonk finally left the band for good to focus on his role as guitarist in another project. At the same gig the band were able to recruit Tim as replacement bassist and this gave the band a new lease of life. Since then they have been busy writing songs and playing regularly around London and Kent (and even as far away as Groningen in Holland). 

In November 2015 the band entered Squarehead Studios with Rob Wilks to record their first proper album ‘Back!’ and this was released on CD in January 2016 and on limited 180g vinyl in Feb 2016.

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